Hello, we are Roselló

A family business in Mallorca that started more than 50 years ago installing blinds and has grown to become one of the leading sun protection companies in Mallorca. In all these years we have worked with many businesses and have helped many people to reduce the temperature of their homes to be more comfortable. It is just as simple as that.


We create shade

During all this time we have restored hundreds of gardens, terraces, balconies, rooms and all kinds of spaces to their owners. By cooling and lowering the temperature, you can enjoy a space that was wasted due to high temperatures.

We provide shade with awnings, blinds, lattices, screens, pergolas, sun sails, etc. There are many solutions to these problems and we have been solving them for many years.

If you want to restore a space that the sun has taken away from you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will listen to you, give you ideas, make you an estimated budget and if you like, we will work to make your life more comfortable by recovering that space.

Roselló Solar’s management

Under the leadership of Roselló Solar are Jaume X. Roselló and Elisa Rabanete. Our goal was to transform a family business into a professional one without losing the essence of its beginnings. Our main duty is to keep a balance between offering modern and innovative solutions and preserving the values we had on the first day.

The purpose is to use technological innovations to provide more opportunities and to make the work more precise, but we also focus on preserving the essence of human contact and we communicate this to all our employees.

We are not the typical business that comes to your house, does what it has to do and leaves without a word. We’ll talk to you and make sure everything goes perfectly fine.

The personal treatment of each client is very important to us. Only by doing so can we ensure that we fully meet the customer’s expectations, with a good product, technical advice appropriate to each situation and efficient after-sales service that provides reassurance and confidence.





Although I studied to be a lawyer, my father’s business always caught my attention, besides I always loved the island. So I only practiced law for a couple of years and joined my father to learn the profession from him.
I joined the company in 1990 and the first thing I did was to computerize all the administrative tasks.

I like everything that has to do with the business world and that is why I have participated for many years in the Federation of Small and Medium Companies of Mallorca (PIMEM), where I was responsible for the industry area and president of the federation.

On an ordinary day, before going to work, I have a cup of coffee on the industrial estate. I like to read the newspaper and talk to other entrepreneurs. I also take the opportunity to see what’s going on on Twitter and Facebook.

At the weekend I love to listen to Pepa Flores, a very famous Spanish singer. But I also like classical music, especially baroque music – a classic!

I am originally from Barcelona, where I studied interior design, although I ended up working in my family’s business, a PVC and aluminium carpentry.

One day, on a commercial trip, I met Jaume Roselló and moved to Mallorca to become part of the Roselló family in two different ways: as a couple and as a businesswoman.

I joined the company in 2001 to coordinate the relocation to the Can Valero Industrial Estate and the expansion of the company.

I love my job and I enjoy thinking about new and exciting projects.

I am always listening to music. I love blues, rock, Rosario, Miguel Bosé… One of my hobbies is paddle-surfing or hiking in the mountains. We love to travel. I have two wonderful children and a little dog.

From Roselló e Hijos to Roselló: the background

Roselló was founded in 1958 under the name of “Roselló Distribuciones”. The company was created by Manuel Roselló Calvo. His sons, Jaime and Manuel Roselló, immediately joined the business. They brought leading brands to the company, such as Gradhermetic and Louverdrape, and became the first company to offer these solutions in Mallorca. At that time, the SuperGradhermetic rolling and adjustable shutter became, without a doubt, the top product in the world of enclosures. They also introduced other innovations, such as fixed and adjustable lattices and aluminium false ceilings.

The company started with a small office in Plaza España, where they received their clients and organised visits to the architects to show them their work and products. At that time, getting an architect to accept a visit from a company was very complicated. There were a total of 11 architects on the island and it took three months to visit them all. The business was going well, so the office moved to a new space where there was also a workshop and exhibition area. Later on, the company acquired a warehouse in the Can Valero industrial estate.

In 1990 Jaume X. Roselló, son of Jaime Roselló, joined the company and computerised all the administrative management. In 2001, Elisa Rabanete joined the company to manage the extension of the warehouse on the industrial estate. The current office, exhibition, workshop and warehouse area is built there.

In 2019 we have decided to renew the brand, as well as the image, qualities, goals and the market position of the brand. Rosello Solar was born as a result of this process.