Innovative and high-quality solutions for meticulous architects.
A strong commitment to the project to solve unexpected problems together with other professionals.
We create delightful areas protected from the sun that will make your clients fall in love.
Modern technology and comfort even at sea.Specialists in sun protection for professionals in architecture, nautical sector, construction and hospitality industry.

Specialists in sun protection for professionals in architecture, nautical sector, construction and hospitality industry.

Services for architects

servicios profesionales protección solar
  • Individual technical advice during any phase of the design.
  • Innovative solutions and high technology.
  • Constant communication during the installation.

Each area and the use you intend for it has specific needs and better solutions than others. Together we will talk about the possibilities, the pros and cons. We will advise you so that you can find the best solution for your clients. During the installation, we will be in touch and will make sure that both you and your client are happy with the result.

Services for yachts

  • Service available in ports.
  • Innovative and custom-made solutions.
  • After-sales service.

Although the space is limited, there are many creative solutions to achieve shades on ships, because it is important that you set sail in good conditions. Our experience working on ships allows us to understand their particularities and the needs of the passengers and crew.

Construction services

  • Technical advice at any phase of the construction project.
  • We reduce the problems for the rest of the professionals.
  • Support and solutions to unforeseen events on the project.

We have worked on many building sites and have found ourselves facing many unforeseen situations that need to be solved immediately. If this happens, we coordinate with the rest of the professionals to solve them. One of our technical managers will be in contact with you and will supervise the installation and the final result of the work.

Services for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias

  • It ensures that there are no tables without shade. Make sure your customers are comfortable.
  • Optimises energy consumption.
  • Flexible schedule to carry out the installations.
  • After-sales service.
  • Individual advice.

Having workers changing blinds or installing a pergola with customers coming in and out is not the most ideal situation. That’s why we are fast and try to be as clean as possible. We work in hotels, restaurants and cafes to provide solutions without disturbing their customers.