To manage a terrace of a cafeteria or restaurant can be a great investment for a hospitality business. When summer comes and the weather gets warmer (and even in winter with milder climates) a patio provides additional seating, higher income and happier customers (summer and patios belong together).

According to our research, sun-protected terrace seats can increase an establishment’s income by up to 30%. It is therefore not surprising that these outdoor seats are something that many hospitality businesses decide to invest in.

Stop relying on the perfect weather

There is always the possibility of a perfect weather (without excessive sun, wind or rain). For the rest of the days of operation of an outdoor patio, protection against sun and rain is essential. The rain may lead to the closure of the patio for several days a year, causing a reduction in the income of the restaurant, club or hotel. Likewise, too much sun and summer heat will make customers decide on places with good sun protection. Moreover, given the increasing concern about UV exposure and the aging of the population, customers will stay away from outdoor spaces without shade, looking for the comfort and convenience of a well-shaded space. And certainly, there is no better claim than a crowded terrace to increase the popularity of a business.

To guarantee that outdoor service areas produce revenue and attract customers, a growing number of businesses in the hospitality industry are now using retractable covers. Retractable covers allow the patio to be kept open in rain or sun, while maintaining humidity and keeping customers cool on hot summer days.

Measuring the benefits

When considering a patio cover, business owners may want to do some math to determine what ROI (Return On Investment) they could get by investing in a retractable sun protection system.

In this example of a small outdoor area, simply by keeping the terrace open for an additional 15 days during the season would lead to a return of €45,000. Assuming that we have an average restaurant, with an average price per seat of €25 and an area for 6 tables with 4 seats each:

15 (days) x 24 (seats) x €25 x 10 (TABLE ROUNDS) x 0,5 (CAPACITY) = €45,000 NOTE: A motorized retractable cover for a whole area of 30 m² would cost about €10,000.

With an increment of €45,000 for these additional 15 days, a retractable patio cover will make your business recover the investment in these 15 days with a profitability of 20%. The ROI is considerably higher if you also take into account the additional income and return obtained on all the other days of the season. With a retractable patio cover, you will now be able to have a more comfortable seating environment protected from the sun.

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Customized patio covers for restaurants

The covered area of a hotel, restaurant or cafeteria should have similar features regarding the interior space, considering the comfort and consistency of both style and brand. Many of the retractable sun protection systems provide a wide range of colors and accessories such as lighting, sound and integrated heating systems.

Furthermore, existing structures can also be reused by covering them and protecting them from the sun either from above or from below.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor patio and protect your clients from the sun and the rain, consider a patio cover. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized study.