Glass enclosure systems

SUNFLEX is the ultimate solution to create transparent enclosures. The completely stackable closing comes without vertical frames, offering fully clear views of the outside. It adapts to any space and allows you to have it closed, open or semi-open while maintaining a unique and clear view.

The system is suitable for any geometry, whether curved or straight, and is easy to handle due to its system of independent panels. The panels slide through a guide with bearings and the first one acts as a door.

geometrías cerramientos de cristal


Use your terrace all year round.

The enclosed system provides protection from the weather, maximizes the use of space and adds value to the property.

Maximisation of space

It separates and divides spaces for extra room, adding value and elegance to the home. Sunflex glass enclosure systems can be adjusted to any space and geometry.


The closed panels protect from rain, cold, wind and sand in coastal areas. At the same time, its locking system allows the incorporation of a key for better security. To achieve greater sun protection, it is recommended to combine them with vertical blinds or vertical awnings.



Easy to clean

The retractable panels can be cleaned on both sides from the inside.

Safety glass according to standard

There is the option to choose tempered glass (it increases its resistance to impacts by five compared to raw glass) or laminated glass that does not fall out when broken.

Independent glass panels

Unlike folding systems, the panels slide independently. This results in different configurations and makes the opening easy and lightweight.


Technical information on glass enclosure systems

  • Wear-resistant and low-maintenance stainless steel fittings.
  • Inner channel in the lower guide for water drainage and cleaning.
  • A horizontal sliding mechanism, with triple rolling bearing for easier sliding. Made of stainless steel and polyamide wheels reinforced with carbon fibre.
  • The possibility of opening the panels inwards or outwards.
  • You can choose the layout of the panels and the direction of their movement.
  • Double locking system.


Specifications of the glass enclosure system

  • Maximum recommended height: 2.5m (consult us for special dimensions),
  • Glass width: 6.8 and 10 mm.
  • Glass colour: clear, silk-screen printed, satin or patterned.
  • Type of glass: tempered, highly resistant to wind and impacts.
  • Maximum recommended modulation: 75 cm
  • Profile colour: to be chosen by the customer. Profiles can be hidden at the floor and ceiling level >2.5m


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