Insulated shutter boxes

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cajones persianas aislados con rotura de puente térmico







Typically, shutter boxes were the cause of thermal bridges, where the thermal resistance changes significantly. In other words, the area of the enclosure through which the heat is most easily transferred compared to the rest of the surface. Thanks to the prefabricated boxes with insulation, it is possible to break the thermal bridge for any type of shutter.


  • The boxes have a layer of thermal insulation made of a cover of high-density expanded polystyrene or recycled wood fibres, which also serves as acoustic insulation.
  • It is very easy and quick to install compared to the construction boxes.
  • Optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • The insulated boxes have manhole covers available in several RAL colours.
  • They allow the shutter to be installed evenly with the façade or the aluminium carpentry.
  • Available for rolling and folding shutters



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