Mobile glass roofs

techos de cristal móvil tecnikor

TECNIKOR was born from the idea of providing the market with a completely updated mobile glass roof system that would revolutionise the concept of a mobile roof, making it more carefully designed and improving its functionality.

Mobile glass roofs can be used to close all kinds of areas: terraces, patios, porches, garages, etc. since they provide greater insulation and waterproofing. Mobile roofs can be made of different materials.

  • Glass: It gives us luminosity and allows us to enjoy the views.
  • Polycarbonate: This option also provides luminosity, but does not allow us to enjoy the views as this material lets the light through, but is not transparent.
  • Sandwich panel: This option is used for house extensions, which provides greater thermal and acoustic insulation.


The Tecnikor TKM Mobile Roof is the only mobile glass roof that eliminates horizontal profiles for a clean design, thus creating unique spaces that combine perfectly with the existing glass enclosure systems on the market. The roof is installed from the bottom, which simplifies the installation and minimises risks and incidents, such as the sealing of the glass.

The TKM Mobile Roof is compatible with all glass curtain and sun protection systems on the market without the need to adapt anything. The crosspiece is designed to be compatible with any brand of glass curtain. Therefore, it can be integrated into the structure without the need for additional drilling.

The TKM Mobile Roof operates on bearings, unlike other brands that operate by sliding. This avoids the usual problems of the sliding systems.

Thanks to the homogeneous and up-to-date design of Tecnikor’s roofs, the screws and motors are hidden by extrusion caps. By removing the horizontal profiles, the water flows unhindered into the gutter to be drained off later.


techos cristal móvil baleares


  • MANUAL: using a rod. Since the roof has bearings, the manual option is very user-friendly. You can use a barrier at the back to prevent the leaves from falling from the roof.
  • MOTORISED: double-throw motorisation, to avoid the bending of the blade and the tension on the transmission belts, increasing durability and reducing noise. The engine is hidden with an extrusion cover to avoid unattractive additions such as folded sheets. This cover also helps to mitigate the noise of the engine. You also have the option of intelligent sensors.

Type of panels:

  • 4+4 Laminated Safety Glass
  • Glass Chamber 16mm
  • Polycarbonate 16mm
  • Sandwich panel 16mm


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