Motorized lattice with vertical slats – Brise Soleil

The VERTICAL FOLDING BRISE SOLEIL sun protection is the perfect solution for houses and buildings with large glass surfaces in which it is difficult to deal with the sun’s movement during the day.

The system consists of vertical, automated retractable, and adjustable slats that allow the users to maximize the available space, to enjoy clear views and plenty of natural light, providing a pleasant atmosphere all day long.

celosias lamas verticales replegables motorizadas

The set of slats can be closed and adjusted to the desired angle while keeping privacy on the inside. The retractable system can be stopped at any moment. Besides, its obstacle detection system guarantees immediate interruption, preventing any problems or injuries to people.

Slat sizes of the retractable lattice

tipos lamas celosia retractil

Diagram and parts of the retractable Brise-Soleil system

esquema celosia lamas verticales replegables

Features of the retractable Brise-Soleil system

  • Unique and elegant design for lattices with tubular slats with a rectangular section, both vertical and foldable.
  • Set of laser-cut aluminum side walls.
  • Hidden adjustment and folding system with stainless steel pieces.
  • The possibility of configurable solutions for the retraction process: all the slats towards one end (one direction) or the same number of slats for each end (double direction).

  • Adjustable slats connected by a hidden reinforced PVC toothed chain. Maximum angle of orientation: 90º.

  • Maximum height of the lattice with the Slat 200: 3000 mm. For the Slat 300: 4000 mm.

  • Maximum width of the lattice with one-way folding (one motor): 6000 mm; with two-way folding (one motor): 6000 mm; for two-way folding (two motors): 12000 mm

  • Slat pile size for one-way folding lattices: Slat 200 = 22% of the total width; Slat 300 = 24% of the total width.

  • Slat pile size for two-way folding lattices: Slat 200 = 11% on each side of the total width; Slat 300 = 12% on each side of the total width

  • Hidden motor operation for adjustment and folding of the slats.

  • Automatic obstacle detection system for the folding and adjustment of the slats.
  • The lower crosspiece of the lattice frame is designed to be walkable.
  • The possibility to combine it with a system of only adjustable slats in a fixed frame application.
  • Assembly in extruded aluminium frame with 76 x 200 mm dimensions.
  • Force 6 wind resistance
celosia replegable motorizada
Celosía replegable doble motor