RENSON FIXSCREEN Vertical external blinds with ZIP

Renson Fixscreen external blinds keep the sunlight out, even before it hits the window, so that the temperature inside remains under control. Therefore, in warmer seasons, the inside stays up to 7°C cooler, without the need for an air conditioner. But the benefits do not end yet. The sun protection also prevents annoying screen glares and the discoloration of the furniture. At the same time, it maintains the outside view and guarantees privacy. Building standards are becoming more and more stringent. Contemporary houses are so well insulated that once warmth enters the house, it is almost impossible to remove it.

The Renson Fixscreen rolling shutters with side guides and a box at the top is designed with a zip that makes them highly wind-resistant (up to 120km/h) and also prevents the filtration of light from the sides.

Renson Fixscreen blinds enable much wider widths than other darkening solutions (such as shutters or lattices), which can be up to 6 meters wide. There are all sorts of constructive solutions depending on the requirements of each project, and it is possible to completely embed drawers and guides so that, when the blind is raised, it is completely invisible.




  • Screens: glass fibers covered with PVC.
  • Polyscreens: polyester fibers covered with PVC.
  • Blackout fabric to achieve total darkness in the room.
  • Soltis: micro-perforated polyester fabric that provides thermal insulation of the shaded area and good visibility to the outside.

Achieving more natural light while maintaining views to the outside provides a pleasant sensation and increases productivity and concentration. Overall, they contribute to a healthier life. In combination with ventilation and sound insulation, sun protection provides even better interior comfort.

It is operated by a motor with cord or wireless so that it can be raised or lowered by remote control, wall push button, or from the home control screen. It is also possible to fully automatize its operation through sensors so that the façade of a building becomes intelligent based on the orientation and the time of the day.


RENSON Fixscreen cortina exterior de protección solar, resistente al viento y mosquitera

RENSON Fixscreen con garantía de lacado de 10 años




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