Rolling shutters with slat separation – Gradhermetic AluClassic

The rolling shutters with slat separation Gradhermetic AluClassic are flat-faced slats (tubular slats profile) with 3 or 7 mm separation depending on the model. This separation between slats has the purpose of allowing the entrance of ventilation and light from the outside to the inside of the room. The perfect coupling of its slats provides complete darkness, making this shutter an airtight seal when it is fully closed. This shutter is an alternative to the roller shutter with tilting slats Supergradhermetic



Application Supergradhermetic AluClassic rolling shutters with slat separation 

They are provided in four different applications: traditional, compact, renovation and tunnel.




Traditional Application

Aplicacion Obra conjunto ICONO OBRA In the Traditional Application for the traditional construction system, Gradhermetic supplies the AluClassic rolling shutter with slat separation with its guides, its necessary fittings and operations for its installation in the execution of the work.   Operated by cord, crank handle, oscillating rod and by IO or ISG motor. Maximum width 4000mm Maximum area 12.00m2








Compact Application (Alucomplet)

Aplicacion compacto ICONO Compacto In the Compact Application, Gradhermetic supplies the AluComplet system prepared for customizing carpentry and made with AluClassic rolling shutter in an extruded aluminium box with mullions and rain gutters forming a closed circle with a thermal bridge break.   Operated by IO or ISG motor. Maximum width 2500mm Maximum area 6.30m2 Compact box 250/280







Renovation Application (Alubloc)

Aplicacion renovación ICONO Renovación In the Renovation Application, Gradhermetic supplies the AluBloc system, consisting of AluClassic rolling shutters with slat separation in an aluminium box, the guides, and the accessories necessary for their installation in the gap on the façade.   Operated by IO or ISG motor. Maximum width 2500mm Maximum area 12.00m2 Compact box 250/300







Tunnel Application (Prefabricated box)

Aplicacion tunel ICONO Túnel In the Tunnel Application, Gradhermetic supplies AluClassic rolling shutters with slat separation from the Alumetic family, with guides, necessary fittings, and the accessories for their installation in prefabricated tunnel boxes.   Operated by IO or ISG motor. Maximum width 4000mm Maximum area 12.00m2    


Slat separation

You will be able to choose the slat separation according to the chosen model. The separations range from 3 mm (AluClassic) to 7 mm (Aluclassic B).

Guides for Traditional Application

Guias AluClassic app Obra