Vertical adjustable blinds

cortinas orientables verticales

The Bandalux vertical adjustable blinds are sleek, simple and elegant. They combine the light regulation possibilities of the slatted blinds with the sobriety and elegance of the Japanese panels.

They are perfect for large floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as to separate areas. The mechanism used by the custom-made vertical blinds allows the slats to be adjusted to regulate the entry of natural light. Besides, they can be opened in the centre, on both sides or one side.



  • The slats of the vertical blind precisely regulate the entry of light with just two movements and a 180° rotation.
  • As well as being able to cover large dimensions, the vertical blind can be adjusted to irregular spaces.
  • It can cover glass windows of up to 6m in width and 6m in height.
  • Wide range of technical and decorative fabrics and materials.