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Renson, pergolas that project your home outdoors

Relax with a breakfast with your partner in the heat of the morning, extend the table with friends, enjoy the last rays of the sunset while we enjoy a snack, or prepare dinner for couples full of memories of the past.

Renson’s bioclimatic pergolas are built to welcome the great moments of everyday life and create unforgettable memories through a space transformed into a natural extension of the home, thanks to a unique and exclusive design, totally customisable to the limit of your imagination.

If an idyllic setting does not exist, it can be created thanks to the pergola.
The perfect integration with the rest of the spaces and the bioclimatic capacity of its structure makes being outdoors a new dimension of comfort and convenience.

Discover the models of Renson pergolas that best suit your lifestyle, and imagine the sunrises, lunches, parties, sunsets, dinners in the moonlight, and after-dinner parties with friends waiting for you underneath them, creating unforgettable moments under the pergola.


Renson Algarve

The bioclimatic pergola with the most stylised structure in the Renson range.

Ideal for minimalist style homes.
It is complemented with the Classic and Canvas lines to adapt it to
rustic style homes or to garage and porch areas.

The perfect fusion between functionality and elegance, with a
irresistible simplicity.

  • Zero screws: invisible fixings and wiring.
  • Protects from sun and rain.
  • Remote electrical control.

Renson Camargue

In addition to being able to control sun protection and ventilation
guaranteeing to waterproof, the Camargue model offers the
possibility of integrating a wide range of side elements
(Roller blinds, sliding panels, glass curtain, …).

The final solution to enjoy the most exclusive pergola.

  • Fully customisable in +100 colours (no price increase).
  • Maximum wind resistance (up to 160km/h).
  • Heating and sound system are optional.

Renson Aero

The Aero pergola is the ideal solution to integrate into an existing structure (between walls, porch) or a hole in a
new structure purposely designed to provide protection
and a sophisticated style.

  • Integration into any existing structure or opening.
  • Manufactured to the millimetre.
  • Horizontal or vertical drains.

Renson Camargue skye

Luxury and exclusivity transformed into an unrivalled pergola,
an engineering masterpiece that will become the centre of
attention to the home for its quality and superior finishes.

To guarantee even greater control throughout the seasons
of the year, the Camargue Skye pergola in addition to rotating the slats,
allows you to open and close them, achieving a clear ceiling
to enjoy the starry nights.

  • S-drive technology for rotation and sliding
  • Retractable slats for infinite views
  • Total adaptation to glass and wood solutions




Renson Certification:
A total security.

Guarantee until

10 years.


Contact us, and we will tell you how our experience can guide you on the road to projecting your home outwards, with all the benefits of maximum comfort and design.
We will find the best solution for you to enjoy every moment outdoors and, like all significant improvements to your home, you will soon forget the past while taking advantage of the benefits of Renson pergolas.

Preguntas frecuentes

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

This type of pergola is built in aluminium, and its principal characteristic is that it adapts to the weather conditions of the moment, to create a welcoming space during all seasons of the year, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

They are usually entirely silent systems that contribute to the energy efficiency of the homes, reducing the need for air conditioning through intelligent optimization systems of light and ventilation management.

Does enough light enter through a bioclimatic pergola?

Yes, the slats are adjustable up to 150º, which allows light to enter regularly, while maintaining the shaded space, while favouring active air circulation, renewing the internal air while cooling the interior space.

Also, in the case of Renson pergolas, the configuration of the angles makes it possible to find the layout that best suits each user.

Is there any danger if I stay inside the Renson bioclimatic pergola when it snows?

There is no danger at all. Renson pergolas have passed many certifications, especially those related to supporting inclement weather without affecting the structure, which guarantees its robustness and makes it the optimum option to enjoy any time of the year

Is it possible to change the arrangement of the columns?

Yes, sometimes some elements make it challenging to place the columns in the corners of the pergola, and it is possible to reposition the columns to adjust them, according to the design, to the needs of the home. In this way, you can take full advantage of the particular orientation conditions of each property.

How many colours of Renson pergolas are available?

There are currently more than 100 RAL colours available that can be combined with any decoration. Moreover, it is also possible to combine colours in some models, creating real, unique works.

Is a bioclimatic pergola the same as an open veranda or covered porch?

Not at all. The structure and composition cannot be compared, especially when it comes to controlling the light and cooling of the space. With bioclimatic pergolas, the «greenhouse effect» caused by excessive humidity is avoided, which generates uninhabitable areas depending on the outside temperature. The control of the external climate through the adjustable panels allows you to create spaces that are an extension of the house while you can enjoy the space outdoors.

Why is it essential to be able to personalize the Renson pergola?

There are many reasons why it is beneficial to completely personalize Renson pergolas, some of them related to design and comfort elements, so important nowadays. Also, you have to take into account the special conditions of each property and the need to adapt the pergola to its surroundings.
Depending on the orientation of the patio or terrace, one configuration will be more appropriate than another, optimizing the experience according to the sunlight that arrives and making the most of the lighting and natural conditions that surround our home.

Can a Renson pergola be made to measure?

All the pergolas are made to measure according to the client’s needs, without additional cost, to provide the best final experience to each user.

Can a Renson pergola be used in winter?

Despite the adverse weather conditions outside, there are options that allow you to close the space, heat it and light it so that you feel as comfortable as at home while you enjoy your area outside.

Own a Renson pergola will increase the value of my property?

Undoubtedly. The brand’s recognition thanks to its quality and durability, as well as the creation of a welcoming and comfortable space for the whole year, is a highly valued feature for both buyers and people who rent properties, both regularly and on a holiday basis.

The possibility of increasing the usable space of your home and the multiple applications in daily life for all types of users, make it a highly valued element in properties, as well as providing a touch of design and extra elegance. The investment in a Renson pergola is a guarantee for an immediate return.