Automated rolling sun sail

vela enrollable motorizada de grandes dimensiones

The automated rolling sun sail SOLIDAY C provides maximum comfort in terms of practicality thanks to the tubular motor incorporated into the shaft, which allows the sail to be unrolled or rolled up in a few seconds using a remote control, making it much easier to use than traditional manual sails. Moreover, the wind and sun sensors allow this system to regulate itself autonomously and guarantee its safety so that it can automatically close in case of a storm.

The SOLIDAY C automated rolling sail is based on patented technology of dynamic sail holding through one or more “pylons” that integrate a hydraulic spring for the rolling and unrolling of the sail. Furthermore, the tension of the sail helps to absorb strong winds or heavy rain. The dynamic holding technique is the determining factor for a SOLIDAY-C system to serve as both sun and rain protection.



  • Shape of the motorized rolling sail: rectangular with a diagonal axis.
  • Size: maximum of 85 m2.
  • Side extension: maximum of 7m. for each side of the sail.
  • Length of the rolling axis: maximum of 11,5 m.
  • Anchorings: masts with ground or wall anchors (clamps).
  • Operated by Becker 50NW-220V single-phase motor + Wind and sun sensors.
  • Application: rain and sun.





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