Strong wind and rainstorms are a common cause of damage to products such as awnings, pergolas, roofs, exterior blinds or shades.

We are not always available to operate them manually when a storm begins. This is why there are several solutions, weather sensors or automatisms, that allow us to automate their operation.

The 3 main sensors we use to automatically operate our sun protection solutions are:

  1. Wind sensor: weather vane type or vibration detector. For example, a movement sensor is placed directly on the awning and detects sudden strong winds or storms, retracting the cover automatically depending on the wind speed.
  2. Rain sensor: especially useful for textile covers (such as a pergola or awning), as they prevent the fabric from being damaged by the water. Besides, in a pergola or roof, it allows us to close it completely to protect any furniture or object that we may have.
  3. Sun sensor: it allows us to open the awning, close the pergola or lower the blind to protect a certain area of the house from direct sunlight while keeping the area cool and shaded.

It is important to bear in mind that common sense must be the main “weather sensor”.


These sensors can be powered by cable, battery and even a small solar panel, so the need for electrical wiring is eliminated.


RTS: the technology behind the weather sensors


SOMFY vibration motion sensor for awnings

Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) is the technology that lets us adjust our motorised awnings anywhere. It works by pressing a button on the remote control or a wireless switch on the wall, and an omnidirectional radio wave is transmitted over a distance of approximately 20 metres.

Somfy RTS is a high-performance solution that is highly recommended for awning automation, since it eliminates the need for wiring between the motor and the controls, making the operation of motorised products easier than ever before. Installation is also quick and easy with no need for wiring.


8 key benefits of the Somfy weather sensors

  • They protect retractable sun protection products, prolonging their durability and the return on investment.
  • Wide range of customisable sensitivity settings to suit any environment.
  • Both wireless and wired options available.
  • Easy to install, easy to customise and easy to operate
  • Better sun control means a reduced energy consumption.
  • Multiple products can be combined to be controlled by a single sensor within the range
  • The Somfy myLink application allows you to connect smartphones or tablets.
  • The sensors are small and hardly noticeable.