BORA flyscreen with lateral sliding

mosquitera bora corredera   The BORA windbreak flyscreens are modern screens designed to satisfy the needs and comfort of the home. 

They are suitable for doors and windows with a maximum width of 180 cm. The Bora flyscreen ensures effective protection of the room against the smallest and most annoying insects. They are easy to open due to a system that allows the user to stop the flyscreen at any point to adjust the width to their needs. It is fitted with a lower guide of only 2 mm, which makes the process easier.

Thanks to a bayonet profile, the flyscreen can be removed very quickly: the Bora flyscreen can be easily disassembled and stored if not used for long periods.

Furthermore, the fabric has a high wind resistance that prevents it from coming out of the frame and avoids having to replace the fabric.



  • Sliding: lateral. It can be stopped manually at any point. Possibility of configuring up to four sheets.
  • Rolling: spring. 
  • Opening system: magnets.
  • Suitable for: glass doors or windows.
  • Button: no.
  • Mesh: black mesh STRONG as per standard.
  • Supplied: made-to-measure.
  • Notes: suitable for doors up to 180/200 cm wide, depending on the mesh chosen, and low guidance with a thickness of only 2 mm. A patented system guarantees maximum hold against strong wind.
  • Color Line: accessories matching the (colours of the) profiles. Available in white, ivory, grey and black.

The colour of the chain tracks varies according to the colour of the mesh: they will be supplied black with a black mesh and grey with a grey mesh. With the colours white, ivory or grey the brush strip supplied will be grey. For the other colours, and unless specified, the brush strip supplied will be black.


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