Parasols for hotels, restaurants and cafes


With the CARAVITA parasols for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias, many owners can open their terraces and patios earlier and finish the season later than others. With these parasols, you can extend the hours outdoors and thus increase your profits. The Big Ben parasol, which has been specially developed to meet the high demands of hospitality and commercial use, is easy and quick to operate. It has many additional options and a solid structure. The professional-quality large parasol Big Ben, with a span of up to 7 m, is an eye-catcher for every patio. With this large parasol, your customers will notice from afar that they can sit comfortably and pleasantly there.

As specialists in protection against sun and rain, we have professional solutions to provide great areas of shade. We have in mind above all the hospitality sector, restaurants, town planners and large private mansions. We handle the delivery, assembly and commissioning of the parasols for hotels, restaurants and cafés as well as all their accessories.


modelos sombrillas para hoteles caravita


Parasol shapes for hotels

Besides the standard parasol shape, there are the octagonal, square and rectangular. It is possible to make customized forms according to the needs of the space.

formas sombrillas caravita


sombrilla triangular caravita


Valance shapes

Only with CARAVITA, you can create your customised parasol. You can combine different fabrics, edges and finishes to match them to your preferences. There are 4 options of valances available:

  1. Without valance: the classic shape that never loses its beauty.
  2. Scalloped valance: curved edge at the bottom of the valance.
  3. Flowing valance: the connection of the parasol to the valance has no discernible edge, moving freely in the wind. It is classy and elegant.
  4. Sewed-on valance: visible seams that outline the connection between the parasol and the valance. All edges are connected, thus keeping a clean perimeter. They are optimally suited for advertising.


formas volantes sombrillas caravita


Wind hood shapes

At the top of the parasol, there are the following options to consider:

  1. Without wind roof: classically shaped parasol without upper ventilation.
  2. Wind hood: it works as a ventilation system made of a single fabric sewn to the top of the parasol, which allows ventilation and reduces the wind strength.
  3. Wind roof: elevated structure for ventilation, allowing maximum ventilation and offering a different design.


caperuzas para sombrillas



Supporting bases

There are more than 30 types of bases available to suit the different models of Caravita parasols according to the dimensions and space requirements.

Mobile bases with wheels or handles, round and square bases, steel bases to add counterweight slabs, tubular bases to be embedded in the floor, multi-cube bases that provide support for both the parasol and the seat.


bases sombrillas caravita



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