Parasols in Assaona Beach Club Palma

Parasols in Assaona Beach Club Palma

In the Bay of Palma de Mallorca, just a few feet from the Cathedral and the port of Portixol, the Tarruella Trenchs studio has renovated this beach bar to turn it into a pleasant, comfortable and peaceful restaurant. Wooden tables, lights inside large hanging baskets and parasols with straw edges have helped to create this image.

Assaona represents a change in the aesthetics of the island’s beach clubs, moving away from frivolities and setting its own charming and discreet trend that works all year round.

Assaona is the project carried out by the Mallorcan company with long experience in the Balearic tourism sector, Martport Sunbeach.

The name Assaona comes from the Mallorcan verb assaonar, which means to season or marinate. “This is exactly where our philosophy comes from, integrating concepts to form the Assaona universe, just a step away from the centre of Palma”, explains the manager, César Soto.

To protect the tables located on the terrace facing the Can Pere Toni beach, we chose a combination of squared elegant parasols: Samara (with a central mast) and Amalfi (with a displaced mast).



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