MoveOn: electric folding sliding shutters

Always prioritizing the design and the practicality, the MoveOn electric folding shutters can be integrated into a variety of architectural styles and situations, including versions with two, four, or six leaves. Also, it is opened and closed at the press of a button

The electric drive enables the motorized shutters to be opened and closed comfortably and safely without the need to open windows or doors. The drive control starts and stops the folding shutters smoothly.

The motor can be operated by a wall switch or, even more conveniently, by remote control. It can also be integrated into home automation systems so that they can be operated through the smartphone.

The sophisticated design of this shutter has resulted in a mechanical system that enables the folding shutter to be fully closed, thereby leaving it completely in line with the façade. All of this can be achieved with a very low installation volume and a minimal amount of light when the shutter is closed.