Pergotenda Corradi Exyl

If you’re looking for a minimalist pergola with a sliding cover, the Corradi Exyl pergola offers the ultimate in finesse. The Corradi Exyl pergotenda has a simple elegance, because it has been shown that art and architecture lean towards simplicity when selecting materials, lines and details, focusing on essentiality, solidity and pure beauty.

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This pergola is designed to fit naturally into any environment thanks to its linear and modern structure. It is made of aluminium, a light but strong material. It guarantees better mechanical resistance and solidity and durability that make it an ideal option for outdoor areas.

One of the many advantages that Exyl provides is that it can be set up as a self-supporting pergola and as a garden pergola, available only with a flat roof.

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This model of Pergotenda® is especially suitable for those outdoor spaces with an avant-garde design. In fact, its minimalist design is the feature that guarantees its success: it has no side locks for a practical and highly functional outdoor space.

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Beauty does not need the superfluous

Features of the minimalist Corradi Exyl:

  • Maximum dimensions of 1050 x 600 cm with a single module.

  • Lightweight aluminium structure. 

  • It has no side locks creating a practical and uncomplicated space. 

  • The standard cover allows water to be drained to the ground even when it is not sloped.
  • The possibility of adding a motor drive for greater comfort.

  • A variety of colours for the structure, gutter, guides and canopy.
  • LED lights to create more pleasant environments.

  • Wind resistance is guaranteed up to 6 on the Beaufort scale (class 3 – UNI EN 13651:2015)

All the structures are custom-made. For any particular installation or with a higher level of specialisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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