Bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats

Traditional pergolas are static structures, typically with a gazebo shape attached to the house and with horizontal beams to support climbing plants. The bioclimatic approach consists of designing a structure taking into account the climatic conditions of the location. This allows us to take advantage of all the possible benefits it offers (light, ventilation, heat, coolness, etc.) and to foresee and anticipate adverse conditions of any kind (rain, wind, snow, etc.).



The bioclimatic pergolas, therefore, try to find comfort outdoors and through their adjustable slatted roofs (whether they are rotating, retractable or both simultaneously) allow the regulation of the heat, the incoming light, the humidity and the passage of air. In the horizontal position (with the slats closed), they provide protection against rain and snow and also include an invisible drainage system through the columns to the floor. The drainage system still works when the slats are opened after it has rained, so that the terrace furniture is always protected.

Don’t worry about the weather, enjoy life outdoors all year round

Our bioclimatic adjustable and retractable pergolas present a higher engineering level, with a special emphasis on the finishes. The fixings are concealed and the electrical cables are hidden inside the structure. Even the ground support can be concealed. The high quality of the materials used in the design and production make them low maintenance, while ensuring exceptional durability.  

Countless possibilities for customization

The bioclimatic pergola can be customized with different front or side elements (glass sliding panels, rolling screens, adjustable or fixed slat panels, etc.) that provide an infinite number of possibilities for personalization. The bioclimatic pergolas can be equipped with integrated lights (both on the perimeter and the slats), heating systems and wireless speakers.  They can be operated through remote control (or through the home automation system) and can feature a rain, sun and wind sensor so that the pergola operates automatically according to the weather conditions.