Roller blinds

Indoor roller blinds are a practical, functional and modern solution to control the entrance of light and the temperature of a room.

We use a wide range of technical and darkening fabrics, which allow us to adapt this solution to any project and decorative style, guaranteeing a smooth, resistant and long-lasting operation. We offer plain and printed colours, fabrics that allow you to see the outside without being seen and fabrics that do not allow any light into the room. There are night-day blinds that allow you to regulate the entrance of light.

Style your windows as you wish with this economical and functional solution.



  • Chain
  • Crank handle
  • Motor (with cable or battery)




  • They allow us to filter the desired amount of light and even achieve complete darkness, which is recommended if we are going to use the room as a bedroom.
  • They provide insulation from heat and cold.They will help us to control the temperature of the room and reduce energy consumption. They improve efficiency by minimizing hot and cold air leaks.
  • They are a decorative element. You can choose between different colours and sizes to adapt them to the dimensions of your windows.