RENSON Linarte – vertical façade cladding

RENSON Linarte: sleek design

Are you looking for a unique touch for your home, store, or building? With the Linarte façade cladding, you are guaranteed to impress. Its sleek vertical slats, available in any RAL color, are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use and allow a seamless finish on curved façades or corners. Thanks to the invisible fixing elements, an excellent result is guaranteed.


A subtle design or a clear statement. You can be creative with the customization possibilities this system provides: wooden or LED elements, a variety of colors or textures, or the possibility to integrate the house number or company logo. Other accessories such as external taps and sockets, letterboxes, or video door openers can also be subtly integrated.

Renson Linarte revestimiento aluminio

Easy to install

The aluminum profiles are light and easy to manage. Thanks to the patented fastening system, they can be quickly attached to the support structure without screws. This invisible clip system is also adjustable in width, and it is very easy to replace just one part, so there are many advantages even during the installation.

Renson linarte clips renson linarte montaje

Corner options

renson linarte esquinas

Sustainable quality

By surface mounting the aluminum profiles, you ensure a long-lasting façade cladding that will withstand the most severe weather conditions. The system is also an environmentally friendly option, as aluminum has earned its reputation as a “green metal” thanks to the fact that it is 100% recyclable.


Easy maintenance

The Renson Linarte aluminum façade cladding system requires no maintenance. The thermo-lacquered profiles maintain their color under all conditions and are easy to clean.

Profile Options of Renson Linarte

1. LINARTE BLOCK 16: The basic version of the Linarte block-shaped aluminum profile is 16 mm deep. This limited depth creates a subtle vertical play of lines with limited relief and a minimalistic look.

EVEN16 Linarte

2. LINARTE BLOCK 33: The block-shaped Linarte profile with a depth of 33 mm creates a strong, vertical line pattern. This provides striking shadow effects that bring the façade to life. These deep block profiles can be combined with wood or LED module inserts.

BLOCK33 Linarte

3. LINARTE EVEN: The U-shaped Even profile that is 25 mm deep provides the sleekest Linarte result and emphasises the façade’s vertical lines to the utmost. These profiles can also be combined with inserts in wood or LED modules.

EVEN Linarte

4. LINARTE RANDOM: The block or U-shaped slats can be combined with each other. Be creative and design a unique play of light and shadow to provide a personal touch. You can design your wall in