Wooden folding lattice

fachada con celosías plegables de madera

Cilium ® is a dynamic structural sun protection system from RENSON ® consisting of folding lattices. This lattice can be transformed from a vertical structure, located in front of a window, into a horizontal structure in an open position above the window. It is, therefore, a solution with double functionality, since when it is open, it creates a visor or horizontal protection on the façade. The system consists of a motorized folding frame on which different types of slats, made of different materials such as wood or aluminum, can be assembled. Renson Cilium ® meets the requirements set by the EPBD “Energy Performance of Buildings Directive”. Based on these guidelines, energy efficiency standards were introduced in all EU Member States for new constructions and renovations, to reduce energy consumption in buildings, especially:

  • to limit energy consumption through artificial cooling;
  • to limit energy consumption through artificial heating;
  • and to limit energy consumption through artificial lighting.

This reduces the overheating of buildings during warm summer months and thus minimizes the use of artificial cooling systems. During cold winter months, the low position of the sun allows sunlight to enter the building through the folding blinds, which reduces the use of artificial heating. The Renson Cilium® system can be discreetly integrated into exterior walls with the same cladding or as a separate element installed in front of a window. Renson Cilium®  is available in the following versions: with Sunclips® SE.096 cladding or with Sunclips® SE.130 cladding.


  • Aesthetic and resistant façade finish.
  • Wooden composite slats: they give a natural and warm appearance to the façade.
  • Easily installed.
  • Automated, flexible to adjust and easy to operate.
  • The straight line of the slats provides a modern and contemporary finish.
  • Low maintenance: high-quality composite wood that emulates natural aging.

persianas madera plegables motorizadas

Renson Cilium folding lattices limits:

  • Maximum height: 3000mm
  • Maximum surface: 4,5m2