Cassette awnings with arms


The main advantage of cassette awnings (compared to the conventional awning without a cassette) is the protection of the cover from rain and dirt when the awning is folded up. The cassette or box, which is made of aluminium, is designed to hermetically store both the arms and the rolled-up awning cover when folded. This considerably increases the awning’s durability since it is not exposed.

Markilux is the german leading brand for high-quality and designer awnings (with several awards). The company offers a wide range of awnings: cassette, semi-cassette, conservatory, vertical, etc.

The visual impact of the cassette is minimal, as it can be attached to both the wall and the ceiling. There are different designs, either squared or curved, for better integration with the architectural design of the façade.

The cassette awnings can be manual or motorised. The motor allows them to be operated by remote control or integrated into an existing home automation system. That is achieved by automatically opening and closing them according to the weather conditions using wind, sun and rain sensors. This way, it is possible to obtain maximum comfort and safety.


Some cassette awning models have the super-shade option: a vertical awning that is integrated into the front profile of the cassette awning, providing shade regardless of the position of the sun, as well as offering privacy. The height of the cassette awning varies from model to model and can reach more than 2m.



  • Increased durability as the cover is protected from the weather inside the box or cassette. The cover can last approximately 20 years under optimal conditions, compared to the 10 years of the models without a cassette.
  • Suitable for homes and commercial establishments.
  • They are much more aesthetically pleasing. Once they are closed, the box can be seen discreetly on the façades. The colour of the boxes can even be customised to suit the customer’s personal preferences or to match the façade. It is also possible to embed the cassette in the wall so that the awning disappears completely when it is closed.
  • Wide range of plain or patterned fabrics to maximise the sun protection of the awning.
  • With the right slope, the awning cover is able to evacuate the rain.


toldo de brazos con supersombra