Drop-Arm Cassette awnings

toldos punto recto casa minimalista


The markilux drop-arm cassette awnings are especially suitable for windows because they can be adjusted to a very low angle to protect the window completely from the sun. The arms are fitted with a tensioning system to provide wind resistance. They differ from vertical awnings because they have lateral arms instead of guides.

Furthermore, drop-arm cassette awnings are a classic solution for window displays in a commercial business, in this case for decorative purposes.




  • Drop arms with optimised gas pistons to ensure optimum fabric tensioning.
  • Adjustable up to 140 degrees.
  • Output profile with a spring-assisted closing mechanism.
  • For the installation on the balcony, there are available telescopic support tubes.
  • Models with round or square box (Markilux 730 y 830).