Folding-Arm awnings

The folding-arm awnings or monobloc awnings are a classic. They are the most widely used awnings in homes and businesses. Folding-arm awnings constantly project the fabric outwards, ensuring that the tension is applied throughout the entire length of the awning.

They can be attached to both the ceiling and the wall and can be operated either manually or by a motor.

Unlike a cassette awning, the cover is not stored or protected in a cassette or a box. Once stored, the roll of cover is visible and exposed to the weather, which means that it usually lasts less time than a cassette awning.

toldo cofre monobloc brazos articulados  


  • Awnings with a compact and robust design combined with the elegance of large spaces.
  • Its special attachment system allows adding more fixing points, thus reinforcing the security of the awning. Universal supports allow fixing the awning to the wall or the ceiling. 
  • It is a type of modular awning, because it is possible to achieve large dimensions by joining the profiles.
  • Thanks to additional components such as the protective canopy or the adjustable gable, the model adapts perfectly to any location.
  • Optional wind and rain sensors to enable the automatic opening and closing of the awning depending on the weather conditions.
  • Recommended model: Markilux 1710.