Conservatory awnings with lateral cover guides

toldos veranda bajo estructura cristal

In every season of the year, sunlight is one of the characteristics that make a space a special place.

Conservatory awnings can be used to protect a glass enclosure, a gallery or a pergola, with effective control of sunlight. They provide pleasant sunshine in winter and protection from heat in summer. They can be placed above or below a glass structure regardless of its size and they adapt to any kind of unevenness in the roof.

Unlike the folding-arm awnings, the markilux conservatory awnings are provided with lateral cover guides. This means that they can be attached to all existing structures.




  • Interior installation (under the roof): the cover is protected against dirt, wind and weather under the roof of the terrace. All markilux under glass awnings include compact cassettes that fit harmoniously into the terrace roof.
  • Exterior assembly (above the roof): improves the sun protection level by preventing heat from entering the glass area. Its awning prevents the glare of the sun, UV light and most of the heat, while at the same time it provides pleasant natural daylight to the room.
  • A variety of lighting equipment is available to enhance the atmosphere in the evening.
  • Areas up to 36 m2.



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