Vertical awnings

toldos verticales markilux

Vertical awnings are designed to protect the outside of windows. They allow not only for temperature regulation but also for visual protection. They are available with a round or square box and the cover is guided through side cables to increase its resistance to wind.

These vertical awnings are made of resistant, robust and safe materials. They always work perfectly. The installation is simple even in particular spaces or architectures. It is possible to hide the guides and boxes by embedding them in the façade. They are a very similar alternative to the ZIP external blind systems.

toldos verticales markilux 710 810




  • Maximum length: 500 cm
  • Maximum vertical height: 350 cm
  • Guided by steel cable or with aluminium side guides
  • Operated:
    • Manually (gimbal and handle)
    • By electric or remote-controlled motor