External corner screen RENSON PANOVISTA

RENSON Panovista is a new type of sun protection suitable for glass-on-glass corner windows and corner sliding windows, where conventional roller blinds are not suitable because there always remains an unprotected gap. With Panovista, there are no profiles or cables visible in the corner. This patented technology prioritizes the aesthetic appearance, ensuring that both sides of the system roll up seamlessly at the same time. Thus, it provides the desired sun protection without having to eliminate the views.

The “invisible architecture” is a new trend that pursues minimalism. RENSON® has used this trend to develop the Panovista: a motorized roller blind for corner windows.

What makes it unique is that there are no unsightly profiles or guides visible at the corner joint. Both parts of the system roll up simultaneously, thus providing the desired shade for your working or living space, without losing the panoramic view around the building. This solution can be integrated into the architecture almost invisibly. The box and the side guides can be fully integrated. The counterweight (rectangular design) even disappears into the box when the blind is fully rolled up.


RENSON Panovista is available in 2 drawer versions; the larger Panovista Max can be used for corner windows up to 6000 mm wide on each side, and up to 3400 mm high. It is ideal for new construction, but also renovation. The RENSON Panovista system must be equipped with a wind sensor as a safety measure.



  • Possibility to integrate the box into new construction
  • Dimensions up to 22.4 m²
  • Perfect solution for corner windows
  • It preserves the panoramic view
  • Aesthetically integrated into the building’s façade
  • It can be combined with other vertical or horizontal external screens