The smart, silent solution for the healthiest indoor air.

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RENSON Healthbox. A human can’t detect changes in the quality of the air. We cannot determine when certain pollutants become highly concentrated in the air we breathe.

It is, therefore, impossible for a user to decide properly when to ventilate more or less intensively. That is why it is important to automatically adjust the ventilation level according to the most objective criteria. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the level of ventilation is maintained according to the needs of the time of day. If the air quality in a room is adequate, then the extraction flow is reduced. This automatic adjustment leads to energy savings from 30% up to 50%.

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Despite the popular belief, the indoor air quality in a house is on average 10 times worse than the outdoor air quality. Cooking, showering, cleaning, sweating, and even breathing all contribute to air pollution. Poor quality of indoor air can, in the long run, be harmful to the health of the people who live there. Respiratory diseases, eye irritation, headaches, allergies, and lack of concentration are just some of the consequences.

Besides, an excess of humidity could result in bad odors, condensation and mold. Therefore it is essential to ventilate continuously and efficiently.

The air supply is provided directly by the ventilation system. Therefore, natural ventilation is the healthiest option. Moreover, controlled ventilation guarantees healthier air quality.

Renson Healthbox 3.0 is an individual ventilation system for houses and buildings. It checks the air quality 24 hours a day to detect CO2 or humidity and VOC (Volatile Organic Substances or ‘odors’) for each room it is connected. The ventilation level per room is automatically adjusted according to the measured air quality (determined by the sensors on the control modules). As long as the air quality in a room is adequate, the level of ventilation will not increase. This ensures maximum comfort and energy savings. 

Healthbox 3.0 can communicate with the customer (through the app) and with other intelligent devices in Smart Home through the integrated SmartConnect.

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Features of the RENSON Healthbox 3.0

  • Low noise emission: only 32 dB
  • Energy-efficient EC fan
  • Control module: sensors measure the air flow
  • SmartZone guarantees optimal air quality in the bedroom
  • The Breeze function will help to cool down your house naturally and prevent overheating
  • During the day, ventilation mainly takes place in damp spaces, like the bathroom or the kitchen. At night, mainly it takes place in the bedrooms
  • Smart connection through the Healthbox 3.0 app to check the air quality and adjust the ventilation levels
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Discreet integration of the extraction unit through grids

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