Self-regulating window ventilation

aireadores autorregulables renson

Every day, the air indoors is polluted by the people who live there (breathing, sweating), by their activities (cooking, showering, heating and smoking), and also by the house itself and its furniture (radon, organic compounds, paint, detergents, etc.).

Excessive insulation and insufficient ventilation lead to unhealthy and stale air that accumulates dust mites, mould, viruses, bacteria, as well as humidity and harmful chemicals such as CO2.

An inadequate indoor environment can lead to respiratory difficulties, dryness of the throat, eye irritation, headache, allergies, concentration disorders, lack of energy, and somnolence. On the other hand, excess humidity can cause unpleasant odours, condensation and mould formation, hence the importance of regular and adequate ventilation.

Ventilation for you and your home! Many people believe that it is enough to open the window from time to time.

However, the result of opening a window is only temporary and ventilation through open windows cannot be controlled (and is, therefore, a waste of energy). Moreover, to open a window causes other problems such as noise, risk of theft, insect entry, etc. Permanent and controlled ventilation is the only effective method of ensuring a healthy indoor environment.  



The window ventilation units are equipped with the i-Flux technology, developed by RENSON to ensure optimum comfort and reduce energy loss to a minimum. The i-Flux technology is based on the following three principles:

1. Airflow that is independent of wind pressure: A self-regulating slat, which reacts immediately to variations in wind pressure, ensures a constant flow (even with strong winds) and prevents draughts.

    1. aireador con lama de autoregulación para garantizar flujo de aire

2. Adjustable airflow with a manually adjustable inner slat: The user can determine the desired airflow level (e.g. based on the people in the room).

aireador con flujo de aire ajustable

3. The incoming air is deflected upwards for optimum comfort: Thanks to the specific design of the interior slat, the incoming fresh air is deflected upwards, which ensures an optimal distribution of the fresh air throughout the room and, consequently, optimum comfort for people.

aireador con desvío superior del aire  


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